Understanding Hospital Plans

Are you struggling to find a Hospital Plan in South Africa, or exactly which one suits you? Before you ask for a Hospital Plan quote, find out what exactly is a Hospital Plan.

The reason why medical aid schemes in South Africa offer hospital plans is to help their members can have this option available to them were they to be admitted to the hospital so that services such as accommodation, consultation fees, procedure costs & medication, can be paid for. These are usually at lower rates compared to a comprehensive plan because they are pre-negotiated with hospitals, especially the big private hospitals, so as to lower hospital plan pricing.

But who are they designed for?

They are mostly for younger people who are much healthier and are not currently suffering from some chronic diseases, and you can compare medical aid schemes that will suit your current health status. Other benefits that medical aid schemes can include take-home medicine benefits, limited emergency casualty benefits and limited benefits for terminal care, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, organ transplants, physiotherapy, oncology, renal dialysis and others.

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