Liberty Life, Death, Critical Illness, Disability cover

Liberty Life Group offers a range of products to individuals and corporate clients, which include Death, Critical Illness and Disability.

Founded in 1957, it has been in the life assurance and financial services game for a long time.
As with most insurance policies, there are requirements, depending on the cover, if you’re a South African citizen between 18 and 60 years of age with a valid South African ID and a bank account you may apply.

Accident Plan

The Liberty Accident Plan pays out in the unfortunate event that the member dies an accidental death or is permanently disabled as a result of an accident. The funds can be paid out within 48 hours of a valid claim being lodged.

It’s available for qualifying individuals from R110 per month.

Critical Illness Cover

Illness befalls any person, and at times without warning. Business people and professionals who are required to be at work to earn a living will mostly need this as it would act as a warranty to earnings security. The Liberty Critical Illness Cover pays out a lump sum of up to R 1 million, from R 190 per month (risk profile dependent).

Qualifying requirements include:

  • An HIV test
  • Health test (Not a full medical)

Major Critical Illness Liberty covers include:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Open heart surgery

Disability Cover

The Liberty Disability cover for individuals under the Liberty Lifestyle Protector pays out a lump sum in case of a disability or injury that renders you unable to perform your work. The claim is paid out according to a benefit schedule, where your chosen benefit category will apply.


Liberty Life Insurance products

Liberty was started by the legendary Donald Gordon back in the fifties in South Africa and is famed for having some of the most innovative products in the market. It also started operations in other African countries where it made great strides in selling great life insurance products among its other investment products.

They also offer great products for Life Insurance.

Here are the different life cover options from Liberty:

Renewable Life Cover.

  • Guaranteed premiums for a period of 15 years.
  • Renew your cover and increase your premiums without having to go through the underwriting process.
  • You can review your life cover every five years.
  • You can apply if you are HIV+ and benefit from this product as well.

They also offer cover for:

  • Income Protection
  • Lump-sum disability cover
  • Funeral Cover
  • Severe Illness / Dread disease cover

Contact Liberty Life’s brokers for more details and other life cover options for more details.