Shoprite Funeral Cover from R29.99 pm

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Shoprite, one of the biggest supermarkets in South Africa, also offers financial services through their Shoprite Money Market in-store service. Included in these services is a funeral cover. Through their foot-step in all big and small towns, this is essential and easy for people who live in rural and small towns and aren’t able to access cheap funeral cover services as easily.

The Shoprite Funeral Cover currently starts from a low fixed monthly premium of R29.99 per month, for a maximum R10 000 payout for the main member. These premiums can be paid in through a debit order, Shoprite till, or their in-store money market counter.

Shoprite Funeral Cover benefits

  • family cover: for your spouse, and up to 6 children
  • stillborn cover
  • cash payout
  • accidental death cover
  • no medical tests required
  • cash payout to the beneficiary in under 48 hours after a valid claim

The Shoprite funeral plans include:

Shoprite Funeral Plan 1:

  • Premium: R29.99 per month
  • payout per insured person:
    • Main Member: R10 000
    • Spouse: R10 000
    • Children aged 14-21: R5 000
    • Children aged 6-13: R2 500
    • Children aged 0 -5: R1 250
    • Stillborn: R1 250

Shoprite Funeral Plan 2:

  • Premium: R56.99 per month
  • payout per insured person:
    • Main Member: R20 000
    • Spouse: R20 000
    • Children aged 14-21: R10 000
    • Children aged 6-13: R5 000
    • Children aged 0 -5: R2 500
    • Stillborn: R2 500

Shoprite Funeral Plan 3:

  • Premium: R79.99 per month
  • payout per insured person:
    • Main Member: R30 000
    • Spouse: R30 000
    • Children aged 14-21: R15 000
    • Children aged 6-13: R7 500
    • Children aged 0 -5: R3 750
    • Stillborn: R3 750

More information:

  • Your parents or in-laws may not be covered under this funeral policy
  • The maximum age to be accepted to their policy is 65 years
  • When you, the main member die the policy will lapse for all beneficiaries
  • Throughout the policy, if you happen to miss a premium, you may catch up (payment within 30 days) and pay the premium without it lapsing
  • The policy starts as soon as the first premium is paid
  • This policy is restricted to South African citizens only

You can apply online, on your phone by dialing *120*1049# or calling their call centre.