Getting your FREE Clicks funeral insurance plan

funeral cover policies and plans

Clicks offer a free funeral plan to its Clicks Clubcard members, where 10 times your average spending gives you the free funeral cover. Although it is free, you will still need to register your Clubcard membership and activate your funeral plan with Clicks.

So, how does the Clicks Funeral Plan work, and what are their Benefits?

  • Spend an average of R50, and get R500 funeral cover
  • Spend an average of R250, and get R2 500 funeral cover
  • Spend an average of R750, and get R7 500 funeral cover

To qualify for this Funeral Insurance, you must:

  • be a South African resident
  • be between the ages of 18 and 65
  • be a Clicks Clubcard member
  • spend a qualifying average based on calculations over 26 weeks
  • you must activate the policy with Clicks before any claims can be made against the policy
  • select a beneficiary to be paid on the event of your death

Other important info on this policy

  • You will pay no premiums on this, and Clicks will pay the premium on your behalf, as long as you qualify you will be able to make a claim
  • The waiting period for natural death claim is 3 months
  • Activate your funeral cover by registering here, calling 0861 646 444, or sending an SMS to 43881
  • The qualifying average calculation is based on 26 weeks prior to the member’s death

Contact Clicks to activate this free service.

Standard Bank offers funeral plan from R40 pm

funeral cover

With Funeral Plans being a necessity to afford a good funeral for yourself or your immediate family, most financial services companies offer basic and inexpensive funeral plans for South African citizens.

Standard Bank offers funeral plans from as little as R40 per month premiums, for a funeral payout of R10 000. This makes it one of the lowest premiums for a funeral insurance in South Africa, with a 48 hours payment on a valid claim (certificate of death, relevant documents, and forms filled in correctly). The offer currently only is available to Standard Bank customers.

Standard Bank offers benefits similar to other insurers, they offer day-to-day, HIV and funeral benefits, as such they offer:

  • Access to emergency medical treatment and transport
  • Access to a comprehensive network of Doctors, Optometrists, and Dentists
  • Access to psychological counseling in the event of a death
  • Access to a 24-hour HIV/Aids Helpline
  • Help with post and pre HIV testing counseling and guidance
  • Medical assistance on accidental HIV exposure
  • Six months free cover following the death of the main policyholder
  • Assistance with burial arrangements
  • Trauma Counselling for the bereaved
  • Discounted rates from partner funeral parlours as well as from Netflorist and SA Florist
  • Medical coupons

So, what are the Standard Bank Funeral plans?

  • Premium: R40 pm; R10 000 cash payout, R3 000 Memorial benefit
  • Premium: R95 pm; R30 000 cash payout, R5 000 Memorial benefit
  • Premium: R130 pm; R50 000 cash payout, R5 000 Memorial benefit

Bataung Funeral Cover and Services, from R40 pm

bataung funeral services

Bataung Memorials is famous throughout South Africa for the unique and impressive tombstones they have made for celebrities in South Africa. They have wowed and awed people with tombstones for Vuyo Mbuli and other high profile celebrities who have passed on. It is a proudly black owned company, offering services from their Katlehong, East Rand head offices.

Bataung Financial Services offers Funeral Cover for its many clients, with its unique tombstones as one of its many benefits. They also offer Tombstone and plaque design, graveside dressing and repairs of tombstones and graveside care.

Bataung Funeral Cover plans include individual funeral plans from R40 per month premiums and family plans from R70 per month. Like other wells to do funeral insurance companies, they pay out within 48 hours of a valid claim.

A list of Funeral Cover Individual Plans

  • R40 per month premium: Total value of R7 500, R4 500 cash payout, R3 000 tombstone
  • R50 per month premium: Total value of R10 000, R6 000 cash payout, R4 000 tombstone
  • R70 per month premium: Total value of R15 000, R9 000 cash payout, R6 000 tombstone
  • R80 per month premium: Total value of R20 000, R10 000 cash payout, R10 000 tombstone
  • R120 per month premium: Total value of R30 000, R20 000 cash payout, R10 000 tombstone

Funeral Cover Family Plans

Bronze R7 500 Total Value

  • Premium: R70 per month
  • Main Member/Spouse: R4 500 cash pay out, R3 000 tombstone
  • Children 14-21: R4 500 cash pay out, R3 000 tombstone
  • Children 6-13: R3 750 cash payout
  • Children 1-5: R1 850
  • Children 0-1: R1 250

Silver R10 000 Total Value

  • Premium: R80 per month
  • Main Member/Spouse: R6 000 cash payout, R4 000 tombstone
  • Children 14-21: R6 000 cash payout, R4 000 tombstone
  • Children 6-13: R3 000 cash payout, R2 000 tombstone
  • Children 1-5: R2 500
  • Children 0-1: R1 500

Gold R15 000 Total Value

  • Premium: R80 per month
  • Main Member/Spouse: R6 000 cash payout, R4 000 tombstone
  • Children 14-21: R6 000 cash payout, R4 000 tombstone
  • Children 6-13: R3 000 cash payout, R2 000 tombstone
  • Children 1-5: R2 500
  • Children 0-1: R1 500

Platinum R20 000 Total Value

  • Premium: R100 per month
  • Main Member/Spouse: R10 000 cash payout, R10 000 tombstone
  • Children 14-21: R8 000 cash payout, R4 000 tombstone
  • Children 6-13: R4 000 cash payout, R2 000 tombstone
  • Children 1-5: R3 000
  • Children 0-1: R1 500

Diamond R30 000 Total Value

  • Premium: R150 per month
  • Main Member/Spouse: R20 000 cash payout, R10 000 tombstone
  • Children 14-21: R10 000 cash payout, R5 000 tombstone
  • Children 6-13: R5 000 cash payout, R2 500 tombstone
  • Children 1-5: R3 000
  • Children 0-1: R1 250

More information

  • There is a waiting period of 6 months
  • They have made some very famous and talked about tombstones for prominent people in South Africa:
    • Nelson Mandela
    • Dr. Leabua Jonathan
    • Solomon “Stix” Morewa
    • Emmanuel “Scara” Ngobese
    • John “Shoes” Moshoeu
    • Leonard “Wagga Wagga” Likoebe
    • Jacob “Baby Jake” Matlala
    • Gugulethu “Gugu” Zulu
    • Dolly Rathebe
    • Lindiwe Chibi
    • Mduduzi “Mandoza” Tshabalala
    • Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi
    • Jabu Khanyile
    • Vuyo Mokoena
    • Vuyo Mbuli
    • Simba Mhere
bataung funeral cover and services
bataung funeral cover and services (image:

Shoprite Funeral Cover from R29.99 pm

funeral cover policies and plans

Shoprite, one of the biggest supermarkets in South Africa, also offers financial services through their Shoprite Money Market in-store service. Included in these services is a funeral cover. Through their foot-step in all big and small towns, this is essential and easy for people who live in rural and small towns and aren’t able to access cheap funeral cover services as easily.

The Shoprite Funeral Cover currently starts from a low fixed monthly premium of R29.99 per month, for a maximum R10 000 payout for the main member. These premiums can be paid in through a debit order, Shoprite till, or their in-store money market counter.

Shoprite Funeral Cover benefits

  • family cover: for your spouse, and up to 6 children
  • stillborn cover
  • cash payout
  • accidental death cover
  • no medical tests required
  • cash payout to the beneficiary in under 48 hours after a valid claim

The Shoprite funeral plans include:

Shoprite Funeral Plan 1:

  • Premium: R29.99 per month
  • payout per insured person:
    • Main Member: R10 000
    • Spouse: R10 000
    • Children aged 14-21: R5 000
    • Children aged 6-13: R2 500
    • Children aged 0 -5: R1 250
    • Stillborn: R1 250

Shoprite Funeral Plan 2:

  • Premium: R56.99 per month
  • payout per insured person:
    • Main Member: R20 000
    • Spouse: R20 000
    • Children aged 14-21: R10 000
    • Children aged 6-13: R5 000
    • Children aged 0 -5: R2 500
    • Stillborn: R2 500

Shoprite Funeral Plan 3:

  • Premium: R79.99 per month
  • payout per insured person:
    • Main Member: R30 000
    • Spouse: R30 000
    • Children aged 14-21: R15 000
    • Children aged 6-13: R7 500
    • Children aged 0 -5: R3 750
    • Stillborn: R3 750

More information:

  • Your parents or in-laws may not be covered under this funeral policy
  • The maximum age to be accepted to their policy is 65 years
  • When you, the main member die the policy will lapse for all beneficiaries
  • Throughout the policy, if you happen to miss a premium, you may catch up (payment within 30 days) and pay the premium without it lapsing
  • The policy starts as soon as the first premium is paid
  • This policy is restricted to South African citizens only

You can apply online, on your phone by dialing *120*1049# or calling their call centre.

Assupol Funeral Cover

funeral cover

Assupol was originally a funeral scheme for the police and other government employees but grew to include ordinary South Africans who were looking for a funeral plan for their family. Assupol has also grown in recent years with a new marketing campaign, giving it more exposure and growth.

Assupol Funeral Covers include the Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan and Excellence Family Funeral Plan.

Assupol Excellence Family Funeral Plan

This is the Assupol basis funeral plan, where currently you can pay premiums as low as R70 per month. Main benefits include:

  • maximum payout of R75 000;
  • cover for children
  • stillborn and baby cover (babies up to 3 months)

Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan

This Assupol Funeral Plan, you may choose a single benefit or family benefit. You may also get up to R75 000

Assupol Funeral Plan benefits

Other benefits, which may cause EXTRA premiums to be paid, include:

  • Family income benefit
  • Memorial benefit
  • Double pay-out on accidental death
  • Guaranteed cash back, paid out every four years even if you claim
  • Premium Waiver, where if you the main member dies, benefits will still be given to other members
  • Premium Waiver – retrenchment

Old Mutual Funeral Cover

old mutual funeral cover plans

Old Mutual is a trusted financial services brand in South Africa, having been in the country since we could all remember. It has provided well thought out services that are trusted by many South Africans to bring them the best quality services.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover is one of those services that are trusted by South Africans to give the confidence in a great funeral cover policy.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover Options

Old Mutual has a few funeral plans, and they include the Care Plan, Standard Plan, and Comprehensive+ Plan. The plans payout from R50 000, and up to R70 000. The main Benefits of the plans include:

  • Accidental Death Cover, which starts immediately upon application to the funeral plan
  • Money Back Guarantee, if death occurs within 6 months of the cover is taken out
  • Premium Holiday, six premiums can be missed over the life of the premium without losing the cover
  • Restart Benefit, an option to start your plan if it lapses

Other benefits under the Standard and Comprehensive+ Plan include a cashback, grocery benefit, education benefit, and terminal illness benefit.

Another great Funeral Cover Plan from Old Mutual is the Green Light Final Expenses cover. It can cover the policyholder, their spouse, and extended family members. The benefits of this cover include payment of a lump sum on a valid claim. Cover for the policyholder starts from R50 000 to R100 000.

old mutual funeral cover plans
old mutual funeral cover plans

Avbob Funeral Cover

Avbob funeral cover policies and burial society (Mutual Assurance Society) have been tried and tested for more than 90 years in South Africa. They are one of the longest funeral insurance companies that have provided great services to South Africans over the years. They evolved with the times, giving us more products and better services. A company like this would not be able to survive so long if the majority of South Africans we’re displeased with their services.

Avbob reported that it has over 3,8 million people who are on their funeral insurance policy. They have paid billions of Rand in special bonuses over the years, and have included free funeral and burial benefits to their members. They have also ventured into other life insurance such as life cover and dread disease cover.

So what do they offer? Avbob offers funeral insurance, funeral service, tombstones, caskets and coffins, and burial cover.

Avbob Free Basic Funeral benefits

  • A free coffin from a select range
  • Help with the placement of the funeral notice in the local newspaper
  • Arrangement and carrying out of the actual funeral
  • Transport for family members and berieved
  • Use of AVBOB’s mortuary
  • After funeral catering
  • Tent and chairs at the graveside
  • Preparation of the deceased and coffin

Avbob Funeral Insurance products include:

  • Cashback Funeral policy. This acts as a cash back bonus, where after a certain period of not claiming, you receive a cash bonus
  • Family Funeral Insurance. You can cover the cost of burying a loved one for your immediate family
  • AVBOB Extended Family Insurance. Your extended family can now benefit from your choice of Avbob as your burial insurance company of choice

Avbob Cashback Funeral Policy Premium

Here’s an example from AVBOB on what their premiums look like:

  • For a 21-year-old
  • Avbob Cashback Funeral Premium
    Avbob Cashback Funeral Premium
  • For a 35-year-old
  • Avbob Cashback Funeral Premium
    Avbob Cashback Funeral Premium

If you would like to make an Avbob funeral claim, they can be contacted at:

AVBOB Building, 368 Madiba Street, Pretoria, 0002

PO BOX 1661, Pretoria, 0001

+27 12 303 1000/08611 AVBOB (0861 128262)/086 1 FUNERAL(0861 3863725)

Funeral cover terms and conditions

funeral policy terms and conditions

Funeral cover policies in South Africa mostly have similar terms and conditions. This is because the funeral policies are quite similar in how a person’s funeral may be insured. With this, you will be able to have a look at the most basic terms and conditions and make a decision on which funeral policy to get. Also remember that the biggest difference with funeral policies is how much you will pay, or your premiums, for your funeral cover.

  • A waiting period of six months for the insured person. This applies to death by natural causes
  • Immediate cover for accidental death. Other benefits may include a double payout if it occurs to the main member
  • No medical checks. Most, if not all, funeral policy companies and funeral insurance providers won’t ask you to take a medical examination
  • Family members may be covered for extra premiums. Family members may be covered with the main member’s funeral cover, and extra premiums are levied against the main member
  • Funeral policies may be cancelled within 30 days. This applies to most funeral insurance companies who are trusted providers. Others that you may not cancel within 30 days are mostly unscrupulous. Some charges may apply
  • Documents to fill provide when making a claim:
    • Insured person’s death certificate
    • A certified copy of the insured person’s ID/birth certificate
    • A certified copy of the claimant’s identity document
    • claim form
    • proof of banking details
  • Only a natural person may be paid out for a funeral cover claim. So, a payout may not be towards a company

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Worthwhile Funeral Policies to consider in South Africa

Are you considering a funeral policy? Not sure which to take? Too many options to choose from? The one thing you could do is to go with your most current financial services provider and whatever it is that they offer you. But the smartest thing would be to shop around and see what the best financial services providers in South Africa have to offer.

Some of the biggest providers of funeral covers include Sanlam, FNB, Avbob, Momentum and Old Mutual.

You will also come across smaller players in this funeral insurance sector, as it is quite competitive. The medium-sized players include Doves, Lion of Africa and Rentmeester.

You may also be involved in burial societies, which basically cover smaller amounts from the minimal payments you make.

What is a funeral policy? These are funeral plans which cover you same as an insurance, where upon the untimely death of the insured, a cash payment will be made towards the selected beneficiary, usually within 48 hours. Payout also has to be done quickly as it covers the most necessary costs incurred in arranging a dignified funeral.

Can you have more than one funeral insurance plan? Yes, but look out that you’re not over insured. Depending on your policy wording, be sure that you don’t over insure, and that you stick to the specific requirements of your funeral insurance company on how many, or how much, your funeral cover may be worth.

Funeral cover policies and plans

funeral cover policies and plans

South Africans purchase funeral covers because in a time of need as when a loved one passes away, the last thing they want to worry about is how they will finance a dignified and memorable send off. Purchasing a funeral plan to bury your family members, or for yourself is much simpler these days as you can get funeral plan quotes online, and then agree to a funeral policy over the phone, and then purchase it, all without leaving the comfort of your office chair.

Often, though, South Africans struggle to find funeral cover benefits they want and match it with a funeral plan that they can afford!

compare funeral cover

A good funeral cover will take away most of a family’s worry by paying out within 48 hours of a valid claim, while most will pay out even on the day of your claim, as long as all documents are in order. Most funeral policies payout cash that can be used for paying for the burial, the catering, the casket and the tent. The beneficiary will then plan and run the funeral service. Some funeral policies include services such as caskets and tombstones, reducing time in looking for these services even if you have the cash to pay for it. This will allow for preparations to start as soon as possible.

There are other funeral schemes which take into account that you might want to have goods paid for instead of a lump sum payment. These are usually held with funeral parlors, such as Doves, Avbob Funeral Cover and others. The funeral parlor would then make burial arrangements, pay for the food, tents, and all other related costs such as transport.

A funeral plan is most useful as a means to finance a funeral for a number of family members, through paying of monthly premiums.

Funeral cover quotes are a dime a dozen these days, so understanding which benefits matter to you most is where someone who wants to get most out of their plan would start. Shopping online for a funeral plan is very convenient as you can compare funeral covers and get quotes without having to be put on hold by a call center agent.

Funeral cover pay out can range from R5 000 to R100 000. Premiums depend on the age of the insured person. The older you are, the more you will most likely pay. But premiums may start from as little as R25 per month. These should be low enough for you not to skip your monthly premiums. Skipping premiums can mean a lapse in your policy, and prompt payment of your premiums is of the utmost importance. Cheap premiums are a quite easy to find, but they have to be taken with a reliable and reputable insurer who has years of experience and a track record of paying timeously (in under 48 hours).

Funeral cover benefits types include:

  • cash pay out, where a lump sum is paid out to a beneficiary’s nominated bank account.
  • cash pay out and benefits, where benefits may include a cash back plan or tombstone
  • cash pay out and services. Services may include a funeral service and transportation or repatriation
funeral cover policies and plans
funeral cover policies and plans