AA car warranty from R199 per month

extended car warranty

The Automobile Association South Africa (the AA) has been on a campaign to turn around the ailing organization’s fortunes, with their current CEO Collins Khumalo working to extend the company’s product offerings and align the company with a new strategy. They have been losing big clients in the business they’re most well known for – road-side assistance – and are now concentrating on offering products related to the car industry.

With the addition of extended car warranty product, they are diligently increasing their products, which also include car insurance. The product is managed by Advantage Motor Protector (Lombard Insurance Company), who have been part of the car warranty scene for almost 2 decades.

What does the AA car warranty cover?

Like most vehicle warranty extender companies, they will cover the engine, gearbox, suspension, electronics, electricals, steering, and the different systems such as the cooling, fuel, transmission and ignition systems.

As with a typical extender, they cover new and second-hand vehicles. Your vehicle must have less than 250,000 km on the odometer and must be less than 12 years old.

The AA’s car warranty plans

Choose from

Cover Plan Option Benefit Limit
Chrome R 7 000.00
Bronze R 10 000.00
Silver R 20 000.00
Gold R 30 000.00
Platinum R 40 000.00
Titanium R 50 000.00

Get in contact with AASA for this warranty on 0861 000 234

extended motor warranty

extended car warranty

Extending the warranty of your vehicle will save you money in the long run. As soon as your vehicle gets out of its motor plan, it’s best that it’s covered by a motor warranty cover plan. It’s also more prudent to get a plan before the original warranty lapses, making it a whole lot cheaper. An extended motor warranty is an extension of your current vehicle’s warranty and covers mostly: some electrical components, engines, and gearbox. These are often the most to repair.

Vehicle warranty is essentially an insurance cover, which you can claim against for your vehicle’s mechanical failure. This would include your gearbox and engine among other parts.

There are a few leaders in who provide extended motor warranty in South Africa, SA Warranties, Hollard, Motorite, LiquidCapital, and others. With most, you can purchase your car warranty by contacting them using online forms, or calling them directly. Vehicle manufacturers also offer extended warranties, but will mostly stop shorter than independent insurers.

Today’s vehicles, whether bought as a used vehicle, can be reached kilometers over 200,000 and still be a great drive. Some warranty insurance companies will ensure your mechanical parts up to 300,000 kilometers, extending your vehicles usage and reducing your risk should some of those parts fail. You might feel that it’s unnecessary, but exposing yourself to the risk involved in buying a car which may also break here and there, without being a total wreck, is larger than the minimum payments which you can make.

What you will have to take note of though is that the coverage will have exclusions in their terms and conditions. This will mostly include wear and tear components, lubricants and the like. The premiums you will pay also depend on the car, usage type or manufacturer, just like a normal car insurance will take into consideration.

extended motor warranty
extended car warranty