Bonitas Hospital Plan

Bonitas is one of the most trusted and largest medical aid schemes in South Africa. They offer a great selection of medical health products to South Africans, and one of them is the Bonitas Hospital Plan.

Hospital plans are a great way for those who are unable to afford a comprehensive medical aid (or prefer just not to have one), and those without, to have some health coverage specifically for cases where an unfortunate event such as a medical emergency, an accident or illness, leads you to be hospitalized. Hospitals are very expensive, and even for the most rudimentary of stays, you would most likely pay thousands of rand. The benefits in some of the best hospital plans in South Africa work to ensure that you’re able to be taken care of by the best doctors and nurses and not have to worry about how you will be able to afford such hospital care.

The Bonitas Hospital Plan benefits:

  • Unlimited hospital cover
  • 100% Cover, unlimited amount, covered at 100% of the Bonitas Rate / Network doctors cover for General Practitioner/Specialist consultations
  • 100% Cover, unlimited amount, of blood test and x-rays, at Bonitas rates
  • R24 860 per family for MRIs and CT scans (specialized radiology), applicable for both in and out of hospital
  • 100% Cover, unlimited amount, of Paramedical/Allied medical professionals (such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, and biokineticists)
  • R42 100 per family (PMB only for external prostheses), for Internal and external prostheses
  • R30 680 per family for mental health hospitalization and consultations
  • R445 take-home medication per hospital stay
  • R47 250 per family for physiotherapy/physical rehabilitation
  • R15 760 per family for hospices and step-down facilities (alternatives to Hospitals)
  • Unlimited terminal care
  • R328 100 per family for cancer treatment
  • Organ transplants benefits are unlimited
  • Unlimited kidney dialysis treatment
  • Unlimited HIV/AIDS medication if registered on Bonita’s HIV/AIDS programme
  • One wellness screening (Blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, body mass index and waist-to-hip ratio) per beneficiary

NB: The above benefits are for when you are admitted to a hospital unless otherwise stated that it is IN and Out of hospital. These are the stated benefits for 2018

Bonitas Hospital Plan Pricing for 2018

The monthly contribution towards your hospital plan, with dependents if so desired, for the year 2018:

  • Main Member: R 1 830
  • Per adult dependent: R 1 543
  • Per child dependent: R 696 (4th and subsequent child dependents are covered for free)

Contact details:

Hospiral Authorisations and Admissions
Tel 0860 002 108
Fax 0860 002 145

Call to get more information about this Hospital Plan
General Queries
Tel 0860 002 108

Or get to one of Bonita’s walk-in centers
Bonitas Bloemfontein
Bonitas Cape Town City Center
Bonitas Cape Town Belville
Bonitas Durban
Bonitas Johannesburg CBD
Bonitas Kathu
Bonitas Kimberley
Bonitas Klerksdorp
Bonitas Lephalale
Bonitas Nelspruit
Bonitas Polokwane
Bonitas Port Elizabeth
Bonitas Pretoria
Bonitas Roodepoort
Bonitas Rustenburg
Bonitas Secunda
Bonitas Vereeniging

Compare Competitive Insurance Quotes from South Africa

compare insurance and save

Insurance quotes are a dime a dozen in South Africa, with so many insurance companies offering home insurance, car insurance, home contents insurance, life insurance, funeral cover, scratch and dent cover, and even medical cover, you’re bound to have more time than enough to compare.

With, you’re able to get competitive insurance quotes from one provider and compare insurance with your current, or prospective insurance provider.

Save on your insurance, from a provider who can save you up to 29% on your vehicle insurance, more than 20 business insurance providers, easy online application for life insurance, quick paying funeral cover, lump sum payment of your hospital stay with hospital plans, and great choices for your vehicle warranty.

You never have to be frustrated by over-inflated insurance premiums when you can compare insurance quotes from long-standing insurers.

So, choose your type of insurance, capture your details once, sit back choose from the car warranty quotes which come your way.

compare insurance and save
compare insurance and save

Bidvest Insurance car warranties and maintenance plans

Bidvest Financial Services (Bidvest FS) provides more than just car insurance in South Africa, they also extend their services to offer car warranty services as well. As a fully fledged financial services company, they also include the most basic cover warranty and maintenance plan product, which is Mechanical Breakdown. They also include Tyreguard, Bodyguard + Interior guard and Shortfall.

The Bidvest car warranty includes a Mechanical Breakdown policy, which can cover your car while it’s still under its original warranty or out of warranty, or maintenance plan has lapsed. As always, it’s cheaper when you purchase extended warranty and maintenance plans whilst the car is still under the original warranty. This is some sort of assurance to the insurer that the car they’re insuring isn’t coming with tons of issues from it not having any warranty or maintenance plan.

Cover for used and old cars

South Africans are able to cover a new, used, or an old car with high with high mileage. Bidvest FS is also able to cover vehicles used as taxis.

Bidvest car warranty and maintenance plans

EXTENDED WARRANT for new or used vehicles, still covered by the manufacturer warranty and extends it by an additional 2 years.
PLAN PLUS maintenance plan for new or used vehicles, still covered by the manufacturer maintenance plan and extends it with an additional 2 years cover with unlimited kilometres
MAXI PLUS is for vehicles not supported by a McCarthy Franchise and are still under the manufacturer warranty. This also adds a 2 year cover with unlimited kilometres
MAXI is for vehicles less than 5 years old, under 120,000 kilometres, have a full service history. Expect an additional 2 year cover with unlimited kilometres.
LUXI. For vehicle’s under 8 years and 160,000 kilometres. You can get 2 years or an additional 60,000 kilometres.
ECONO is for vehicles over 8 years, or have a mileage between 160,000 and 250,000 kilometres. You get a 2 year or additional 50,000 kilometres cover.
TAXI WARRANTY. Covers new or used vehicles, still under manufacturer’s warranty. The vehicle should function as a taxi. Expect a 2 year or 80,000 kilometres cover.

Bidvest’s Benefits

Each cover also offers the following email, roadside and medical emergency assistance:

24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
Run out of Fuel
Vehicle Recovery (Breakdowns)
Vehicle Storage (Breakdowns)
Tow In
Courtesy Transport
Overnight Accommodation
Car Rental
Flat Tyre Assistance
Flat Battery Assistance
Keys Locked in Vehicle
Transmission of Urgent Messages
Medical Advice and Information Hotline
Emergency Medical Advice and Assistance Hotline
Medical Transportation
Inter-Hospital Transfer
Medical Repatriation
Escorted Return of Minors
In-Hospital Medical Monitoring
Compassionate Visits
Repatriation of Mortal Remains

unitrans maintenance plan and warranty products

What products are available for you under the Unitrans (UM) vehicle maintenance plans?

Trading under the Unitrans Insurance Limited (U-Insure), Unitrans registered as an insurance provider, car warranty is an insurance product, that provides the South African public with these motor warranty products: Credit Protection, New Vehicle Warranty, Used Vehicle Warranty and ExtraCover (Top Up) Insurance. They use Motorite Insurance Administrators (Pty) Limited as their claims administrator, and AA Fleetcare does the towing of vehicles in the unfortunate case of a breakdown.

The cover that takes care of New Vehicle Warranty and Used Vehicle Warranty is Autocare Warranty. It is a Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. You can claim in case of mechanical failure of the engine, gearbox, differential, drive shafts, steering, fuel system, and braking or cooling systems. Wear and tear of some of the components is not covered.

To claim against the warranty call Contract Lease Management (Pty) Ltd (CLM ) on Tel: (011) 450-3939

Their car maintenance plans offered include:
Full maintenance plan: you can claim against some repairs and vehicle servicing.
Service maintenance plan: you can claim against servicing costs.
Maintenance and service plans are no-insurance products.

TO extend your maintenance plan, you can qualify if:

Your vehicle is younger than 5 years
You less than 120 00 km mileage
You have a good vehicle service history and have not skipped services.

If you would like to contact Unitrans Insurance Limited, make sure you understand their terms for what is covered, what you pay for and what they pay for.

car warranty companies in south africa

There are a few car warranty companies in  South Africa, and you can get the best car warranty online quotes here by applying here.

Here are some of the most well known and their contact details:

Liquid Capital: +27 86 111 4384

Extended Vehicle Warranty:

Motor Warranty SA: 0860 109 529

Hollard Motor Extender, can be seen here.

Bidvest: 0861 66 88 88

Liberty Life Insurance products

Liberty was started by the legendary Donald Gordon back in the fifties in South Africa and is famed for having some of the most innovative products in the market. It also started operations in other African countries where it made great strides in selling great life insurance products among its other investment products.

They also offer great products for Life Insurance.

Here are the different life cover options from Liberty:

Renewable Life Cover.

  • Guaranteed premiums for a period of 15 years.
  • Renew your cover and increase your premiums without having to go through the underwriting process.
  • You can review your life cover every five years.
  • You can apply if you are HIV+ and benefit from this product as well.

They also offer cover for:

  • Income Protection
  • Lump-sum disability cover
  • Funeral Cover
  • Severe Illness / Dread disease cover

Contact Liberty Life’s brokers for more details and other life cover options for more details.

Old Mutual Life Insurance Products

Old Mutual has one of the leading life insurance products in South Africa, and it has been one of the leading insurers in South Africa for decades!

They offer great life insurance plans with some attractive benefits. Below is a list of their life insurance products:

Pure Life Plan

  • Cover starts at R 50 000 and it tops out at R 500 000
  • Premiums start at R 45 and can get up to R 1 265. And as with all life policies, these calculations are depended on your age and the amount you would like to be covered for.
  • You don’t get a cash back benefit with this one though.

Life and Disability Plan

  • Cover begins at R 50 000 and has a maximum payout of R 500 000
  • These premiums start at an affordable R 50 and up to R 1 515. These are also calculated on age.
  • You don’t qualify for a cash reward for this one either.

Accidental Death and Disability Plan

  • Cover at a minimum of R 50 000 and a maximum of R 250 000
  • This cover’s premiums start at just R 30 and go up to R 200, also depending on your age and cover chosen.
  • You may qualify for cash back with this cover, depending on a few things of course.

So what benefits does Old Mutual offer on their life policies?

  •  Cashback benefit. After 5 years of paying premiums, you will get back 5 month’s premiums. You will qualify if you’re still paying your premiums.
  • Premiums holiday.  You can skip payment of premiums for up to 6 months.
  • Health Support. Telephone access to health advisers for assistance with health queries.
  • Trauma, assault, HIV treatment. Assistance and treatment following assault (e.g. rape, hijacking, child abuse), accidental exposure to HIV.
  • Emergency medical response. Advice, emergency treatment and transportation to an appropriate medical facility.
  • Legal support. Telephonic assistance with a wide range of legal issues.

1st For Women car insurance

First For Women car insurance ads pretty much had all the males in South Africa shaking their heads when they first saw the ads a few years back showing how reckless men are. And in insurance terms, it’s true; men are a higher risk than women. This means that you should get lower premiums because they only insure women and thus the overall risk to the company (or insurance product itself) is lower.

1st For Women insurance provides the following covers:

  • Comprehensive car insurance. This covers accidental damage, loss through theft and hijacking, third-party claims and other total loss claims.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft car insurance. Which, as it says, covers third-party claims against you, fire and theft loss of your vehicle.
  • Third Party Only car insurance. The cheapest, most basic and minimum requirements for anyone with a vehicle. This cover will handle any claims against you for accidental damage to a third party’s property.

Have a look at some of the more options and exclusions:

  • If you live in the Johannesburg Highveld you know you really need hail damage included in your insurance. 1st For Women doesn’t include it with your insurance but is an option that you can add with your insurance.
  • BetterCar Value car insurance option. With this product in the event that your car is written off 1st For Women will replace your car with a car that is one year newer or 20 000 km less than the written off vehicle. However, this cover doesn’t cover your vehicle for other losses such as theft or hijacking. The minimum payout is 15% plus the retail value of the vehicle that was written-off and a maximum payout of 40% plus the retail value of the written off vehicle.
  • Car hire option. You can add a car hire option with your insurance. Often times, insurance companies won’t add these in as they do increase premiums, but by how much is of course very debatable.
  • Sound system and canopy cover option. Do you have a canopy that you would like to add to your insurance? Add this option as if you have to claim you might want to get a canopy for your bakkie.
  • Increase third party cover liability. You can increase your liability coverage to R5m, R10m or R20m.

1st For Women car insurance benefits include:

  • towing and storage in the event of an accident
  • Medical costs of up to R500 in the event of an accident occurring

Why it’s better to use an insurance broker for your car insurance

South Africans usually stay clear of insurance brokers when looking for car insurance. This is mostly because of the advertising and marketing efforts of insurers who have flooded their message across all media and have, to some extent, drowned out broker’s messages. People simply go straight or “direct” to the insurers and don’t even consider insurance brokers for their car insurance.

The job of an insurance broker is to act an an agent and, on your behalf, get the best insurance cover for you. This will include advising you on the type of insurance to take in order to fulfill the type cover you need. Brokers are not insurers and thus have to tell you who the actual insurer is. Brokers have to know a plethora of guidelines and regulations to help you get cover for all types of risk, from business insurance to companies act and something as left-field as health and safety issues. Brokers also function under the FAIS act and are regulated by the Financial Services Board and Office of the Ombud for Financial Services Providers (‘FAIS Ombud’). Brokers have to be accountable for their actions, and the Ombudsman makes sure they do.

Brokers have also been around for much longer than direct insurers who have been around since late 1990′s.

But brokers still earn commission from you, right? Yes, they do. But the quote you get from a broker also includes their commission AND the premium you will be paying. The insurance call centre agents that you speak to over the phone don’t look to find the most competitive and affordable premium for you that will fit your needs and make sure you are properly covered because they only sell products from one insurer. So basically you will be stuck with only one product and can’t compare quotes properly. The commission structure for brokers are set i.e. non-motor at 20%; motor at 12.5% and SASRIA (Riot and Strike) at 7.5%. The premiums you pay through a broker (if duly authorized) are not necessarily than if you go direct, as insurers who work through brokers have much more lower costs especially when it comes to advertising costs.

Remember, with a broker you are protected better than when going directly through the major insurers.

OUTsurance Car Insurance

The pioneer and trendsetter in the insurance industry, and one of the leading Car Insurance providers, OUTsurance, has a great share in one of the biggest market in South Africa. This might be because of their extensive advertising or it could be because of their innovative insurance products. Having started the rewards trend, where you get a percentage of your premiums back, they have continued to facilitate and lead change in the insurance industry.

Let’s have a look at their OUTsurance’s car insurance products:

Comprehensive car insurance

Yes, pretty much what you can expect from a comprehensive car insurance, theft and hijacking cover, accidental damage, other total losses through fire and the like. Third party cover is also covered for. And hail damage is covered, so no more worrying about hail damage insurance.

Limited Car Insurance

This is what would be termed as third party, fire, theft and hijacking. basically, you just sort out the bumps and dents while they take care that other things are covered for.

Liability to other parties

While you may not want to cover your vehicle, the most basic cover, where you cover against third party claims, is the cheapest insurance and is what any vehicle on the road should be covered for.

One thing you should be aware of is that comprehensive cover on OUTsurance doesn’t cover vehicle hire, so if you’re involved in an accident you would have to organise yourself a vehicle. Or, you could take the optional extra of vehicle hire with OUTsurance.

So what about the company OUTsurance? They promise to give competitive premiums, but from experience you should know that going direct does not necessarily mean cheaper insurance premiums. This was also found by a blogger in their life insurance cover