Clientele Hospital Plan with cash back

Also known as the Clientele H.E.L.P (Health Event Life Plan), Clientele has a Hospital insurance product that offers cash back and great benefits for anyone who opts to go for their insurance plan. With cover starting at R285 per month, it is a great option for people who have chronic diseases and are constantly admitted to hospital.

One thing the Clientele H.E.L.P Plan is not is a Hospital Plan that pays for medical expenses. Neither is it any version of a medical aid scheme that you can rely on to pay for hospitalization or medical procedures. Hospital plans are also great for people who earn by the hour and any hospitalization will result in them going without their earnings. If you have a disease or illness that gets you constantly hospitalized then a hospital plan means you can pay for any gaps in your current comprehensive medical aid.

So what is the Clientèle H.E.L.P Plan? As Clientele states, this product is not a medical aid but is actually an insurance plan that pays you if you’re hospitalized for more than 3 days (72 hours). If you’re hospitalized for more than 3 days then it pays out according to your plan. It also has benefits. Whether this is a good plan is something you will have to decide as the reader.

Compare the Clientèle H.E.L.P Plan’s on offer:

Plan Premiums Max Daily Payout Max Annual Cover Includes
Accident Plus R 230 pm R 1,000 R 100,000 Payout if hospitalized for more than 2 days
Standard R 285 pm R 2,000 R 200,000 – Covers 4 children
Ultimate R 310 pm R2,000 R 200,000 – Premiums can be paid back to you or your family
Premium R 435 pm R 3,000 R 1,000,000 – Max R 500,000 death and disability benefit

Major benefits on offer
– 24 hour emergency helpline, nurses you can contact over the phone to assist with health queries or medical emergencies.
– Emergency flight and ambulance services.
– Trauma Counselling.
– HIV Support.
– Maternity benefits
– Cover for pre-existing conditions

Bonitas Hospital Plan

Bonitas is one of the most trusted and largest medical aid schemes in South Africa. They offer a great selection of medical health products to South Africans, and one of them is the Bonitas Hospital Plan.

Hospital plans are a great way for those who are unable to afford a comprehensive medical aid (or prefer just not to have one), and those without, to have some health coverage specifically for cases where an unfortunate event such as a medical emergency, an accident or illness, leads you to be hospitalized. Hospitals are very expensive, and even for the most rudimentary of stays, you would most likely pay thousands of rand. The benefits in some of the best hospital plans in South Africa work to ensure that you’re able to be taken care of by the best doctors and nurses and not have to worry about how you will be able to afford such hospital care.

The Bonitas Hospital Plan benefits:

  • Unlimited hospital cover
  • 100% Cover, unlimited amount, covered at 100% of the Bonitas Rate / Network doctors cover for General Practitioner/Specialist consultations
  • 100% Cover, unlimited amount, of blood test and x-rays, at Bonitas rates
  • R24 860 per family for MRIs and CT scans (specialized radiology), applicable for both in and out of hospital
  • 100% Cover, unlimited amount, of Paramedical/Allied medical professionals (such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, and biokineticists)
  • R42 100 per family (PMB only for external prostheses), for Internal and external prostheses
  • R30 680 per family for mental health hospitalization and consultations
  • R445 take-home medication per hospital stay
  • R47 250 per family for physiotherapy/physical rehabilitation
  • R15 760 per family for hospices and step-down facilities (alternatives to Hospitals)
  • Unlimited terminal care
  • R328 100 per family for cancer treatment
  • Organ transplants benefits are unlimited
  • Unlimited kidney dialysis treatment
  • Unlimited HIV/AIDS medication if registered on Bonita’s HIV/AIDS programme
  • One wellness screening (Blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, body mass index and waist-to-hip ratio) per beneficiary

NB: The above benefits are for when you are admitted to a hospital unless otherwise stated that it is IN and Out of hospital. These are the stated benefits for 2018

Bonitas Hospital Plan Pricing for 2018

The monthly contribution towards your hospital plan, with dependents if so desired, for the year 2018:

  • Main Member: R 1 830
  • Per adult dependent: R 1 543
  • Per child dependent: R 696 (4th and subsequent child dependents are covered for free)

Contact details:

Hospiral Authorisations and Admissions
Tel 0860 002 108
Fax 0860 002 145

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The Essential Medical Boost Healthcare Insurance Policy

The Boost healthcare insurance plan and policy option are ideal for an individual or family looking for comprehensive day-to-day healthcare benefits and private hospital cover in the event of any illness, disease, accident, maternity or emergency related event. It also provides increased insurance benefits in the case of permanent disability or death.

The Boost policy option is available as:

  • Hospital cover only
  • Comprehensive (both Day-to-day benefits and hospital cover)
Benefits Hospital cover only Comprehensive
Illness hospitalisation Day 1 – R6 500 Day 1 – R6 500
Day 2 – R4 500 Day 2 – R4 500
Day 3 – R4 500 Day 3 – R4 500
Day 4 onwards R1 500 Day 4 onwards R1 500
Maternity hospitalisation benefits Day 1 – R6 500 Day 1 – R6 500
Day 2 – R4 500 Day 2 – R4 500
Day 3 – R4 500 Day 3 – R4 500
Day 4 onwards R1 500 Day 4 onwards R1 500
Dread disease R9 000 is payable per day with an annual limit of R250 000 R9 000 is payable per day with an annual limit of R250 000
Accident hospitalisation Up to R200 000 / individual and R400 000 / family Up to R200 000 / individual and R400 000 / family
Permanent disability benefit R250 000 Principal and spouse/partner R250 000 Principal and spouse/partner
Emergency rooms / Casualty visits (Accident events only) R6 000 annually R6 000 annually
Death benefit – principal only R15 000 R15 000
General practitioners unlimited
Emergency / out of network visits included
Maternity benefits included
Acute medication unlimited
Chronic medication unlimited
Basic dentistry included
Optometry included
Radiology unlimited
Pathology unlimited

Essential Plus is included in all Boost options.

New clients:

0860 900 900 or

Existing clients:

0861 70 70 70 or

Email us on:

General inquiries:
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Bonitas Medical Scheme – Medical aid and Health Insurance plans

Bonitas provides healthcare products and services of exceptional quality to South Africans who care about the well-being of their families. Bonitas is involved in health-related topics, as seen on the Bonitas House Calls programme that has airs on SABC TV2 each Saturday morning for longer than the past six years, has proved both informative and helpful to many.

In 2011, Bonitas stepped up its efforts to educate the public, and in particular its membership, to matters of health with its sponsored feature articles published in the Mail & Guardian.

Bonitas is serious about your health needs! Bonitas Medical aid and Health Insurance plans:

Chronic Medication

Covers medicine for conditions that require medication on an ongoing basis


Additional benefits, medical expenses incurred in or out of hospital

Out of Hospital

Covers out of hospital medical expenses

BonComprehensive – New Generation
(Comprehensive plan)

With BonComprehensive you can expect unlimited consultations above a specified threshold. All Major Medical Expenses at 300% of the Bonitas Rate. Plus extremely generous benefits covering biological drugs and ophthalmology including refractive surgery. If you hate to compromise you’ll love BonComprehensive.

BonEssential – New Generation (Hospital Plan)

Looking for a good all-round hospital plan? BonEssential is the plan for you. Not only is it affordable and easy to understand, it also gives you more bang for your buck! Such as cover for PMB conditions.

BonSave – New Generation (Hospital Plan with Savings)

The BonSave option is full of choices, such as the flexibility of managing your day-to-day with a savings account. Your basic dentistry and supplementary benefits don’t affect your savings as it is paid from risk. BonSave is about saving money so that quality healthcare is as affordable as it can be.

Standard – Traditional (Traditional Option)

The Standard provides comprehensive hospital cover as well as generous day-to-day benefits. The Standard option means you can make full use of our GP network where you need not be out of pocket because you won’t be asked to make co-payments. Our standard option also has unlimited overall annual benefits and additional chronic medicine benefit. Not forgetting basic and advanced dentistry, Optometry, and Supplementary benefits paid from risk.

Primary – Traditional (Traditional Option)

If affordable healthcare is your primary concern, then our Bonitas Primary option is for you. Provided you don’t need extensive chronic medication, you are covered for all major medical expenses at 100% of our rate, with an annual limit of R1 million and day-to-day benefits. Primary is a healthy option for healthy individuals.

BonCap – Capitation

This option is ideal for those looking for a more fundamental type of cover. If you are happy to see a preferred provider through our network of practitioners, there are many cost-saving benefits that will come your way. The network will provide cover at 100% of our Primecure rates and this includes medical expenses incurred while in hospital, as well as any major medical event. For value-based cover, BonCap caps it all.