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extended car warranty

SA Warranties is a provider of motor vehicle warranties in South Africa, often partnering up with popular manufacturers in South Africa to extend motor warranties for vehicles going out of warranty, and even providing warranties for new vehicles.

Underwritten by Regent, their mechanical warranty is a leader in South Africa. They offer mechanical breakdown insurance for used and new vehicles, including motorbikes, quads, boats, jet-skis, and caravans.

As with any warranty company worth their salt, they offer mechanical breakdown insurance on your vehicle’s major parts should they fail whilst it is still covered by them. They offer engine, gearbox and major electrical components. Make sure you understand which components exactly they will cover, how the cover works should you claim against your policy. You don’t want to be sold cover which will later not meet your needs. The cover will most likely depend on what your needs are and how much you’re able to afford.

SA Warranties products

SA Warranties offers products for:

  • Pre-owned
  • New vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Marine
  • Caravans

They are currently based in Edenvale, and can be contacted here:

Block D,
5 Boeing Road East,
Elma Park,
South Africa.

Telephone: 0860 WARRANTY (927726)
FAX: 0860 FAXSAW (329729)

Write to them at:
Postal Address: Private Bag X5, Bruma, 2026,
Gauteng, South Africa


Bidvest Insurance car warranties and maintenance plans

Bidvest Financial Services (Bidvest FS) provides more than just car insurance in South Africa, they also extend their services to offer car warranty services as well. As a fully fledged financial services company, they also include the most basic cover warranty and maintenance plan product, which is Mechanical Breakdown. They also include Tyreguard, Bodyguard + Interior guard and Shortfall.

The Bidvest car warranty includes a Mechanical Breakdown policy, which can cover your car while it’s still under its original warranty or out of warranty, or maintenance plan has lapsed. As always, it’s cheaper when you purchase extended warranty and maintenance plans whilst the car is still under the original warranty. This is some sort of assurance to the insurer that the car they’re insuring isn’t coming with tons of issues from it not having any warranty or maintenance plan.

Cover for used and old cars

South Africans are able to cover a new, used, or an old car with high with high mileage. Bidvest FS is also able to cover vehicles used as taxis.

Bidvest car warranty and maintenance plans

EXTENDED WARRANT for new or used vehicles, still covered by the manufacturer warranty and extends it by an additional 2 years.
PLAN PLUS maintenance plan for new or used vehicles, still covered by the manufacturer maintenance plan and extends it with an additional 2 years cover with unlimited kilometres
MAXI PLUS is for vehicles not supported by a McCarthy Franchise and are still under the manufacturer warranty. This also adds a 2 year cover with unlimited kilometres
MAXI is for vehicles less than 5 years old, under 120,000 kilometres, have a full service history. Expect an additional 2 year cover with unlimited kilometres.
LUXI. For vehicle’s under 8 years and 160,000 kilometres. You can get 2 years or an additional 60,000 kilometres.
ECONO is for vehicles over 8 years, or have a mileage between 160,000 and 250,000 kilometres. You get a 2 year or additional 50,000 kilometres cover.
TAXI WARRANTY. Covers new or used vehicles, still under manufacturer’s warranty. The vehicle should function as a taxi. Expect a 2 year or 80,000 kilometres cover.

Bidvest’s Benefits

Each cover also offers the following email, roadside and medical emergency assistance:

24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
Run out of Fuel
Vehicle Recovery (Breakdowns)
Vehicle Storage (Breakdowns)
Tow In
Courtesy Transport
Overnight Accommodation
Car Rental
Flat Tyre Assistance
Flat Battery Assistance
Keys Locked in Vehicle
Transmission of Urgent Messages
Medical Advice and Information Hotline
Emergency Medical Advice and Assistance Hotline
Medical Transportation
Inter-Hospital Transfer
Medical Repatriation
Escorted Return of Minors
In-Hospital Medical Monitoring
Compassionate Visits
Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Car Warranty Cover in South Africa

extended warranty plan

If you’ve ever bought a vehicle second hand, you will know that a car warranty is a must-have! Car dealerships also have specific warranty cover companies that offer car warranties for your vehicle. And what they offer also spans from mechanical breakdown insurance, engine break-down to offering road-side assistance in case of a break down.

Vehicle warranty extenders work like an insurance product because you claim against an insurance policy. You also have to get these through an actual insurance broker/representative.

Car warranty cover is used as an extended warranty after your vehicle has gone out of the manufacturer’s warranty. You will be able to replace certain major parts that have failed, have broken down or simply need replacement.

Your car will also need to be serviced with an approved dealerships at required intervals. This is required so that the insurer knows the vehicle has at least been taken care of.

You will also take care to take your car warranty early on as it becomes much more affordable. More factors that determine the price include the mileage of your car, and the year of manufacture.

Car manufacturers such as Toyota, VW or Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz often have their own in-house warranty and warranty plan extenders that they sell in-house. They will often add them for an extra 20 000 kms or 2 years after the original plan has elapsed.

extended warranty plan
extended warranty plan

Extended car warranty with Hollard Motor Xtender

Is your motor warranty running out? Worried about the mechanical well-being of your vehicle? Extend the warranty of your car with Hollard Motor Xtender. It is an insurance policy that covers your vehicle in the event of a mechanical breakdown. It’s also helpful if your vehicle is over hundred thousand kilometers as it will start to give you mechanical issues.

Hollard gives you the following benefits with its motor warranty extender:

  • Selected (21) mechanical components
  • mechanical breakdown
  • roadside assistance

How does motor warranty work?

The insurer mostly will break down the entire amount into components and will pay for each component at a specified amount. All wear and tear components are excluded.
All pre-existing damages of the vehicle are excluded. Benefits reduce by 50% once a vehicle has reached either 10 years of age or mileage has exceeded 200 000km’s.