Car Warranty Cover in South Africa

If you’ve ever bought a vehicle second hand, you will know that a car warranty is a must-have! Car dealerships also have specific warranty cover companies that offer car warranties for your vehicle. And what they offer also spans from mechanical breakdown insurance, engine break-down to offering road-side assistance in case of a break down.

Vehicle warranty extenders work like an insurance product because you claim against an insurance policy. You also have to get these through an actual insurance broker/representative.

Car warranty cover is used as an extended warranty after your vehicle has gone out of the manufacturer’s warranty. You will be able to replace certain major parts that have failed, have broken down or simply need replacement.

Your car will also need to be serviced with an approved dealerships at required intervals. This is required so that the insurer knows the vehicle has at least been taken care of.

You will also take care to take your car warranty early on as it becomes much more affordable. More factors that determine the price include the mileage of your car, and the year of manufacture.

Car manufacturers such as Toyota, VW or Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz often have their own in-house warranty and warranty plan extenders that they sell in-house. They will often add them for an extra 20 000 kms or 2 years after the original plan has elapsed.

extended warranty plan
extended warranty plan

18 thoughts on “Car Warranty Cover in South Africa

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    • William Nhlapo Reply

      Can i get on quote of service plan on Passat 2016 model

  2. Sumi Reply

    I want to continue with my maintenance plan.Expires on 14 July 2018.Please advise

  3. Ellenor Cloete Reply

    Good Day,

    I need an urgent quote on an extended Maintenance Plan for a 2014 Volkwagen Beetle 1.4 TSI Sport DSG/ WVWZZZ16ZDM671775.

    My preference is to have an extended Maintenance Plan which has a Monthly Premium.

  4. Idah Reply

    I want to extend my mechanical warranty. It expires on the 27 this month . 0731418095

  5. Mr T. P. Cebisa Reply

    I need a quote on maintenance plan. Renault Duster 1,5 dci 2016.

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