AA car warranty from R199 per month

The Automobile Association South Africa (the AA) has been on a campaign to turn around the ailing organization’s fortunes, with their current CEO Collins Khumalo working to extend the company’s product offerings and align the company with a new strategy. They have been losing big clients in the business they’re most well known for – road-side assistance – and are now concentrating on offering products related to the car industry.

With the addition of extended car warranty product, they are diligently increasing their products, which also include car insurance. The product is managed by Advantage Motor Protector (Lombard Insurance Company), who have been part of the car warranty scene for almost 2 decades.

What does the AA car warranty cover?

Like most vehicle warranty extender companies, they will cover the engine, gearbox, suspension, electronics, electricals, steering, and the different systems such as the cooling, fuel, transmission and ignition systems.

As with a typical extender, they cover new and second-hand vehicles. Your vehicle must have less than 250,000 km on the odometer and must be less than 12 years old.

The AA’s car warranty plans

Choose from

Cover Plan Option Benefit Limit
Chrome R 7 000.00
Bronze R 10 000.00
Silver R 20 000.00
Gold R 30 000.00
Platinum R 40 000.00
Titanium R 50 000.00

Get in contact with AASA for this warranty on 0861 000 234

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